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Sylver Belmont
 Posted: Jan 26 2012, 05:11 PM
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This thread is mostly intended for those who have trouble with the drop-down menus at the top of the page or have difficulty finding what they are looking for.

Forum Index

World Information:

** Background and Setting - A very concise overview of the setting and the history of New Tottenham.

** Playable Species - Information on the species within Tot which may be roleplayed on these forums. All of these species are intelligent and capable of speech.

* Non-Playable Species - A list of some additional species found in Tot and on Tier which may not be roleplayed as a main character but may be used as companions or pets or in passing mention. None of these species are intelligent in the sense that the playable species are intelligent, but some are able to mimic speech.

* Major Guilds - Information on the major guilds, or worldwide organizations, which have a great deal of social and political influence in Tot.

* Minor Guilds - Information on the minor guilds, or local organizations, which have a great deal of influence in Tot. These guilds are far smaller than the major guilds and their influence is not as broad. At present, both minor guilds are run by The Authority.

* Occupations - A listing of some occupations which are specific to this setting.

* Magic - A brief explanation on how magic works in this setting.

* Lifestyle and Culture - An extensive FAQ page regarding IC details about life and culture in Tot as well as scientific information about Tier itself.

Tottian Slang - A list of some common slang and cant used by the citizens of Tot.

Groups and Crews - A listing of some user-formed groups within the city

Approved Documentation - Various documents submitted by users which have become part of the canon. Including information about other cities, specifics on some of the playable species, and some Tottian folklore.

For Guests Thinking of Joining

* The Newbie's Guide to Life on Tot - Some basic information about what you can expect from this site and steps you should take to join

** Rules - The rules on this site. By registering, it is assumed that you have read and understood these rules.

* FAQ About Joining - Answers to the questions most commonly asked by guests and new members

** Character Application - The form you will need to fill out to create your character with instructions on how to do so

* Current Plots - Some of the ongoing plots which will have a large impact on the site. Useful to look over to get ideas or to jump in to a plot once you've joined!

Playby Claim - For those who wish to reserve their character's playby so that other characters may not use the same face. Not required

Adoptables - A list of some user-submitted characters that we would like to have played! Generally, by adopting a character, you are guaranteed to have some connections and plots right from the start

Pictures of Awesome People - Some pictures gathered by our users which we feel would make good characters. You may feel free to use these pictures for your characters or to use them for inspiration for a new character.

Adoptable Character Concepts - A list of some random ideas thought up by our users, which we thought might make interesting characters, but are unable to play ourselves.

Useful Generators - A list of generators which may help you with inspiration for your character, including name generators, occupation generators, outfit generators, and a great deal more.

Information for Current Members

* Current Plots - Things going on which may affect your characters

Census - A census of the current active characters on Tot, including gender, age, species, guild, magical ability, and social class.

Guidelines for Content Creation - Guidelines for anyone interested in adding information to the setting

Member List - A list of all current member accounts. Note: to see administrators, scroll to the bottom and change "Members" to "Admin"

Our Ad - Several ad codes and banners, for anyone wishing to advertise Clockwork on another site

Search - Search the forums

* Recommended read
** Must read

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