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» What Matters, [[for Nikolai D.]]
Nikolai Ingrham Ducakis
 Posted: Jan 28 2012, 10:59 PM
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“Well even if you are technically older than me, you’re still a child in my book as long as I have to look after you.” Nikolai responded, obviously not taking into consideration that he really didn’t do much in the way of ‘looking after’ Oliver. Sure, he put a roof over the revenant’s head and gave him a place to sleep when he wanted to but as for actual care, well, there was much to be desired within that area.
“Nothing will happen to me, I can guarantee.” Nikolai still retained much of the haughty self-assurance that he had as an adolescent; so certain that nothing could ever go astray and that everything would always work out in his own favour in the end. “So long as I stay away from being too tangled up in any affairs with the guilds or any such, I’ll do just fine. We both will.”
Oliver Van Sydney
 Posted: Feb 19 2012, 07:13 AM
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As if on cue, the boy uttered beneath his breath,
"I usually am the one looking after myself." He sighed dramatically. The revenant untangled his legs and swung them over the windowsill, slipping from his place gracefully. He leaned over to pull up his socks with another huff. One of his knees suddenly locked awkwardly, and he paused to grip and massage the joint until there was a subtle pop.
"...and so long as you stop spending money like you do, we'll loose the'll loose the apartment.."
Oliver stood straight again and fidgeted with his shirt. His expression insinuated that he didn't believe Nikolai could keep himself out of bad business...and that he didn't believe that Nikolai was as immortal as he felt
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