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» For The Birds, Tag: Isteria, Violet
Violet Southgate
 Posted: Apr 14 2012, 02:55 AM
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Female Angel (Vulture X)
player: Atrice
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Violet stared down at the elaborate calling card and tried not to cock an eyebrow. She did not notice the cloud of smoke hovering tellingly in the still air, undisturbed by breath or breeze. No doubt it would occur to her later, as she replayed the meeting in her head, how very strange a thing that was. Then again, maybe it wouldn't. She was far too preoccupied feeling superior to notice much of anything at all.

…Except the look that Caspar was giving Isteria. Or, more accurately, Isteria's chest. That look was hard to ignore.

Violet choked back a gag. As if those bulbous, overstuffed blimps weren't hiding a pair of plus-sized silicone implants. Everything about this woman is fake. I bet the twins were the first to go under the scalpel. "Second half of the deal?" Violet demanded. It bothered her that Isteria had neglected to mention this part of the agreement. If, indeed, it was something she and Caspar had agreed upon before roping Violet in to the deal -- knowing her brother, he could very well have invented it a second ago.

Behind her coquettish smile, Violet was visibly annoyed. "Are we going to share, Caspar?"
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 Posted: Apr 14 2012, 04:29 PM
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She reached out, cold fingers grasping the bottom of the angels' chin, holding Caspars' face to her own without expression, a blank coldness that radiated from every pore.
"...Perhaps after the trial period is over." She kissed his nose, leaving a smudge of dark red lipstick.

Silly Violet--why would anything on the doll be fake? Indeed, these were all of her original parts, sans the parts that kept her running, of course.
Not that she could read the others mind, and so nothing at all was actually said.

"In that case, I believe we're done for now. Please do let me know when you've decided on a meeting place, I will be in contact." To Violet, she gave a brief dip of her head and the corners of her lips dragged themselves upwards, taught into a smile that seemed far too unfitting for such a chilled face.

Under the cirumstances, I've been shockingly nice.
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