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May 22 2012, 06:56 PM
Ah, the Ran Tan.

A classy yet seedy sort of place. Here, a man might find good food, good drink and good work, provided he knew who to talk to. Booths offered privacy, the tap offered rarity and the climate offered comfort. It was not a cheap place; this was no brigand's dive. Here, greasy elbows and rich ones rubbed alike. It was a place where business and pleasure both could function and interact without much of a problem...unless, of course, trouble was your business.

Not tonight, the rogue thought, sitting in a private booth. He allowed himself a small smirk. Well, not here, anyway. Jonathan had opted for the there-early tactic rather than the fashionably late one; it was cliche, overdone and would more than likely simply piss Abigail off. Provided she actually shows up, of course, he reminded himself. It wasn't that he doubted the girl, but this sort of thing seemed like it'd be a bit much for her.

"At least there're drinks for either scenario," he mused to himself.

Nursing a fine concoction of a golden hue, Jonathan looked resplendent. There simply was no denying that he'd dressed to impress tonight; a loose, white collared shirt, his best slacks--no oilstains on these ones--a pair of fine shoes he hadn't worn since the Academy and a decidedly roguish choice of unshaven face seemed to lessen Jon's youthful looks and highlight the mysterious, underhanded look he was going for.

More than a few passing looks were turned his way, but he dutifully ignored them. The work of a she-devil, he thought with another smirk. Abigail had taken a part of his nature and turned it ugly to him. He wasn't the playboy he used to be; there hadn't been a wild romp of meaningless intimacy since she'd started working on his ship. The effect had both pleased and annoyed Ku'Pah, who was notably not present now. Jonathan took a sip of his drink and stretched his fingers out to touch the white rose he'd brought, resting in the middle of the table, waiting for its intended recipient. Damn thing cost almost the same as tonight's meal is like to be.

Jonathan waited patiently, a man content.
Apr 15 2012, 07:34 AM
So was talking about Dragon Age with Aidel...and suddenly I can't post. It says I'm banned. Wtf?? I didn't think DA was THAT bad. Someone explain this bs?
Mar 29 2012, 08:17 PM
Jonathan looked at his ship sadly.

The dock was deserted but for himself and Ku'Pah, the Hertasi mechanical genius. They could ill-afford to hire an actual repair crew--for that's what it would take to repair the Nightingale--and were stuck making the repairs themselves. The ship's hull sported holes the size of a man's torso, metal plating and decking showed burn marks and erosion from exposure to acid rain, control mechanisms gone entirely, ripped from the ship by tremendous winds at ridiculous speeds.

Windows shattered, paint vanished, rudder barely hanging on; the ship looked like an absolute wreck. "That," said Ku'Pah quietly, "was the single worst job we've ever done." The morose sentiment wafted off of the two rogues, the feeling of defeat practically palpable. "That...that son of a bitch," the Hertasi continued, "that human cost us everything! If I ever see that Aristide character again, I'll eat his face." Beside his companion, Jonathan snorted.

"You can do that? Eat a man's face?"

The Hertasi sighed. Jonathan, hands shoved into his pockets, shook his head sadly. "Well, nothing to do but to get started." Ku'Pah looked at his partner resentfully, demanding to know where to start. "The engines, of course," the human counterpart replied. "That last run back to the calm skies burned out the port engine, all of its glowplugs and the timing belts. We're beyond lucky we even flew this thing home," noted the rogue.

All too aware of the mountains of work the two faced in order to get the Nightingale sky-worthy, they walked up the boarding ramp and onto the ship. "How are we to pay for parts? Aren't we broke now?" Ku'Pah's question was met with a small smile from Jonathan, who, ducking under a large pipe that had become exposed during the harrowing return to Tottenham, explained that he still had a small amount left in his trust fund.

"Hmph. You rich people. Trust fund this, inheritance that."

"Well, I'm actually fairly poor now. But I used what was left to hire another mechanic." Ku'Pah stopped, forcing Jon to stop as well. They stood in the corridor that lead to the engine room in the aft of the ship, cavernous and waiting for repairs. "I have it on very good word--Old Bailey himself--that this girl can give even you a run for your money."

"HA! A human able to fix ships?" The Hertasi made a rude noise. "Wait, female?" Jon rolled his eyes and resumed walking towards the end of the ship. "How IS Old Bailey, anyway? Still blathering on about that one time he supposedly faced down a whole barge of pirates with nothing but his pipe and his bottle of booze?" Jonathan smirked wryly at the memory of Old Bailey, a drunk but dependable captain with more than a few impressive connections to engineers, mechanics and local "pleasure" houses.

"His testicle dropped. Lucky man," Jon said with a grin.
Mar 16 2012, 08:37 PM
So, we know of the primary races in our world...but what of the unknown ones? Here is a list of creatures I propose might exist in the skies between nations or out in the vast stretches unoccupied by man:

Jellygull: An airborne lifeform that are identical to Earth jellyfish. These creatures reside in high air currents however, using gases produced within their bodies to remain afloat and to move about in schools. They feed on microscopic lifeforms, bacteria and even mere particles in the air, often migrating with the jetstream to maintain feeding/breeding grounds. They can also defend themselves with tentacles with strong tactile strength and by electrifying their skins.

Paraplanktons: Parasitic barnacle-like lifeforms that drift through air currents and attach themselves to Jellygulls' skins and absorb nutrients through the fleshy membranes. They also feed upon foreign microbes and thus form a symbiotic relationship with their hosts. They keep the Jellygulls healthy and the Jellygulls keep them fed. At the end of their life-cycles, they detonate, sending dozens of spores out into the air to repeat the cycle.

Pickers: Small, cat-sized birds that feed on Paraplanktons. These creatures eat the parasites that cling to the Jellygulls. They use Jellygulls as their own platforms, making nests upon them and even eating them if food becomes scarce.

Skysharks: These aquatic-looking aerial predators prey upon the flocks of Pickers and the Jellygulls alike. Also using internal gases to remain afloat and to navigate, these predators are solitary. The females lay eggs upon the males' backs. The males flock together to protect their nests while the females hunt.

Rorquals: Massive whale-like creatures that, like Skysharks, rely on their own bodies for nests, movement and aerial sustainability. These creatures are extremely territorial and attack anything that invades their currents. They are very predatory in that they eat anything and everything they can fit into their massive jaws. They can communicate with each other using whale song and tiny gyrating hairs along their fins and tails.

Raptoracetes: Vicious, saurian airborne predators that are omnivores. These vicious creatures hunt down their food in packs, eating entire flocks of Pickers or whole schools of Jellygulls. If enough work together, they even attempt to bring down a Rorqual. They birth their young like mammals and protect and guide them for a short time before they consider their young rivals.
Mar 16 2012, 08:37 PM
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