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Pierce "Bade"


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Mar 25 2012, 03:47 AM
Getting a job with the New Founding Delivery company was well, the first honest work Bade had ever engaged in. He wasn't permitted to work in Guinee due to his condition and the nature of his bastardy. The resent few days he'd been rather perpetually drunk, living day to day, job to job and then drinking in all the spaces in between. His heart was broken and the world was an enemy he couldn't escape, but those feelings, he could drown them, and so he did. Work today was to deliver a package to a clerk in Gabby then to some museum. He never cared for the packages or their contents. It was all about the money so he could continue thought he wasn't sure why he was so keen on living at this point.

Things weren't all bad, the life of Pierce Vincent was a secret one but there was other things that he enjoyed, good friend, warm dry place to stay. He had been more fortunate then some, but there was still that empty void where the rest of the pieces of him all worked to a purpose. He was a watch missing a few cogs, it was obvious he could be outstanding if he found what he lacked, but for the moment he couldn't keep time only be admired for his shape and kept around for potential.

It had been all his life just like that, Bade never really felt like he had his life sorted, but it wouldn't be long before his life came into a much grander and brilliant light. There was a reason for everything and this export to Tot was going to make a street rat surge into something useful yet, by hook or by crook.

Just like any time when Bade's life settles and it seems like he might have life all figured out, a sweep knocks in on his arse. Wandering to the Gabby drop off, He stumbles upon a corpse where a living person should have been to take the package. Dead people were not a good sign... He set the package down, took the money from the dead mans pocket for the delivery, not a cent more, and booked it. Yeah, that was so not his problem right? Even so, guilt was creeping in... a dead man... where a live one should have been...
Mar 21 2012, 08:55 PM
Staggering around the grounds of St. Laurence manor like a typical bum might have gotten anyone else locked up somewhere unpleasant, but a brightly flushed and droopy eyed drunk surge named Pierce, was just able to accomplish it. He swayed over a few steps where a bush in bloom was glowing in the dark from the soft moonlight. "Oh eh! Lookitcha huh? Right and brassy evn'n for a stroll ne?"

His jacket was on backwards and the boy stunk of hard liquor and some other unsavory smells one would find upon the floor of a bar. There was lipstick on his neck, an odd shade of auburn and something sticking out of his pocket which the other was simply turned out. Those ears were all over and like the rest of him sluggish and unsure where to go.

Bopping into a climbing rose arch, he seemed to think it was a lady and took a failure of a bow requiring himself to push off the ground with his hands performing a standing snap down in a dogged movement. "M'ladeh...Uooph" He laughed loudly obviously not sure how extremely loud he was or that he was only talking to a plant. "Ne don be a thistly thing en tell meh... wouln'ya wanna dance?" Flop again he fell to his backside this time as he'd offered his hand ahead of him and arched too far back to the movement. What a hot mess he was, hair a mess, looking like he'd been escaping out someones window from a naughty night of tupping random persons. Just gorgeous!
Mar 18 2012, 07:23 PM
Bade was waiting to give Gale hell after what had been said at the globes fight. He was pissed and now more alone then every before. What had bee said, it wasn't a breach of confidence but getting him involved in something like a heinous fight between two people he cared for was cruel, Gale had cut him deep and he was in no mood for it. Now everything he cared for had left him in the dust and a person he trusted had broken a brotherly bond.

It wasn't like Gale had told a secret, but he'd toyed with Theo's mind and that was not acceptable. Now everything was on it's head and things had been going so well. He was finally getting to know what was going on beneath that stoic expression and the results were just so unexpected... but now... Gale made Bade look like a traitor without even knowing he'd done it. Bade wanted to forgive up but this was all too fresh, he was pissed off in ways he had never been before. This was something it would be hard to forgive and likely never forgotten.

Not a violent person, Bade was only wanting to get all this anger off his chest. He was so angry his knuckles were white shaking with the fury. Were he violent he might well deck his friend for the crossing. He just wanted to punch something... it was a feeling he'd never had not even when his life was taken from him and priced to sell. Cold fury steeling in his blood and everything was a haze of red. He'd likely say things he'd regret but this was not okay, nothing that happened was something he'd expected from Gale. One who he thought of like a younger brother, well... safe for the kiss... it was a minor mistake, he'd apologized... Gale might apologize but right now... he just couldn't even think logically... it was all 'I can't believe he drew attentiuon to me! I can't believe he said that to him! I can't believe this! I look like a traitor! I may never see him again! I should never have trusted anyone!'
Mar 2 2012, 01:25 AM
Underprivileged Youth

Born to Evelin Loose in a very cold morning sometime near the solstice. Vincent was a name she insisted on since she claimed that the father of the boy was none other then the Heir to the Vincent Fortune, Richard Vincent. The young man was married, so naturally to avoid scandal, the wealthy aristocrat refused to believe it and Richard denied being the boy's father. Evelin was paid for her silence but hardly enough to feed and care for the growing boy more then a month.

Even so she was not exactly the brightest woman on the block, her occupation as an exotic dancer had been as much testimony to it as any. Her little bundle grew to be a real handful and while the Vincent couple was struggling to have a child of their own without a severe spinal disease that causes the cord to snap almost the instant the child reaches the birth canal, Bade was running wild on the streets and in his mothers small loft. The boy was uncontrollable but Evelin didn't lift a finger to do much about it. Pierce ran free and wild for the most part until one evening an older boy caught him alone on a side street and roughed him up for his shoes.

Returning home bruised and bloody, Evelin had only a glance at him and turned her nose up. "Don't go dripping blood all over the floor! You should have minded the hour better. No one to blame, but yourself." Pierce caught on quick that small boys like himself were in danger from larger ones same with everything. Pick your fight and run if you can. A tough lesson to learn at only five but then it was a different sort of place.

After an awkward growth spurt Evelin again found an unusual interest in her boy, making him wait for her outside her strip club which he sometimes would grow bored and wander down the street a little. One day it had been too far at the wrong time. Gang wars and fighting was rampant at that time in Lottenfair. Bade's mother had gotten out later then normal as a building exploded and shrapnel injured Pierce's small spine and the sound had ruptured his eardrums beyond repair. He'd suffered a few more minor injuries but was limp and lifeless on the rubble when Evelin Loose found him.
Feb 25 2012, 12:01 AM
So I was working today and some surf music was just stuck in my head all day. Finally I thought, hell, we surf on anything we have around, sand, snow, water... Now Tot has a lot of air,...pun definitely intended. So I guess there are three things I was figuring if we were capable of having air surfing...

1. What sort of device and method might be used to allow such a dangerous but fun sport in Tot? A special board that has a means to propel itself or a small ship to drag them behind on a line... It has to make sense and work with the world of Tot and Steam tech.

2. Surfing would be a dangerous and stigmatic event as it always is, so what would the people who surf be to the rest of Tot? Lazy? Trouble makers?...Would they have their own jargon?

3. What would be the means of keeping in the air? Do the surf boards skim along the clouds somehow, would the air itself make sense somehow to make it surfing and not just being dragged along my a ship or falling with style.

So there ya go, I wanna know any ideas about this fun times and also who wants to Airsurf with me!!!?!!!
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