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Aug 28 2013, 10:13 PM

A recent correspondence has notified the Times of a disastrous encounter between the Acidine Guard and the notorious pirate vessel Branwyll. While details of the sky-battle remain murky, it seems that a yet-unnamed Acidine ship carrying a large detachment of Acidians and at least one full Silverwing squadron engaged with the Branwyll early last morning. Only a few surviving Silverwings were able to regain the safety of our city, and it appears the Acidine ship was either crippled beyond repair or scuttled surfaceward.

The Times was unable to obtain comment from any ranking members of the Magistrate regarding these events. It is unknown if the Acidine Guard believes there are yet any survivors or if rescue operations are underway. Also under investigation are the circumstances that led to the Acidine authorization of the failed engagement.

Mrs. Bethanie MacArthur of Mayfaire, matron of the New Tottenham Society for the Preservation of Acidine History, believes her husband to have been serving on the lost ship at the time of its disappearance.

The New Tottenham Times has been asked by the Acidine Guard to request that any citizens with information regarding the vessel Branwyll or its commander (known only as “X”) report immediately to your local guard station.

Aug 22 2013, 07:16 AM


Former Bishop of Light
Zev Ben-Zachai
is wanted DEAD

for committing treasonous acts against the State of New Tottenham!

Any information on this criminal is to be sent post-haste to the Adric Insitute
Target's face is disfigured and will most likely be masked.

REWARD: 900 Tor
Aug 18 2013, 06:34 PM
What started as a screaming match between local newspaper man Arthur Edlund and a disgruntled customer ended in flames. While much of the populace is still in shock over the announcement of Bishop Ben-Zachai’s status as a traitor to the state, few have taken such drastic measures in their protests.

“I kept telling him I just sold the news, didn’t write it,” said the distraught Edlund, still shaken by the event.

After the request to remove the newspapers from circulation was refused, the young customer took a lighter to the nearest copy and let it fall back onto the others. Chaos erupted as Edlund tried to smother the growing fire with his jacket, while the other man was rushed away by a friend.

The perpetrator’s mother signed an official release to explain that her son was emotionally unwell as of late, and asked that all names be kept anonymous. When asked to comment, she expressed her wishes for privacy with the following.

"This is a [explicit] travesty. No comment."

After receiving compensation for the jacket, cart damage, and stress, Edlund agreed not to press charges. This has caused something of a stir amongst fellow newsstand operators, some of who think such acts of vandalism should be stopped before they escalate. More to follow.
Aug 18 2013, 05:01 AM
An anonymous letter arrived at the New Tottenham Times labeled for immediate release as the Bishop of Light, Zev Ben-Zachai was admitted to the Sacred Heart for grievous injuries.

The Bishop suffered from horrifying wounds on his face, inflicted by an unknown substance. The Bishop's face was melted as if exposed to the rains on the Surface.

His condition is currently stable, but doctors do not know if he will survive his injuries.
Please send any well-wishes to Thorndon Abbey. Bishop Ben-Zachai cannot accept visitors at this time.

The letter that followed was one of most troubling content. I have printed it here for you to see, unedited in any way:

Today I learned of a most horrifying reality - I wish that what I will tell you now was not true, but I have no cause to doubt my own eyes. Not on this.

Today I saw the Bishop of Light, Zev Ben-Zachai carried up from the Boiler Terminal beneath the Adric Institute, by two loyal bodyguards. His face was nothing more than a bloody mass of bandages. He was unable to stand upon his own two feet. I have since learned that his face was melted off - only the image of a ghastly hand remains. I know for a fact he acquired this injury in the laboratories beneath the Adric Institute, and though the Authority will tell you terrible things about the Bishop, I urge to to believe non of it.

The Authority is working on a horrifying experiment underneath our very feet -- marring the Maker's good work and turning it into mechanical monstrosities built only for destruction. Those cruel experiments are committed on men and women with no care or love of humanity.

What I say here may get me killed - Maker know it has surely killed dozens more but I cannot be silent.

Whatever you think, whatever you believe, know the Authority is dangerous. That Bishop of Light Zev Ben-Zachai is innocent of all charges!

If you have any further information, please forward it to the New Tottenham Times, in care of Tuula Silverfoot.
Aug 18 2013, 04:11 AM
Lord Chancellor of the Guiding Light, Cornelius Zacharia, was admitted to the Sacred Heart earlier with a mysterious knee injury.

Doctors claim that the wound was nothing remarkable and that he will recover with no lasting damage, but declined giving any further statements.

Official reports from the Guiding Light officials claim that the injury occurred during a visit to a local school, the Mayfaire Academy for the Gifted. During the visit an exuberant young parson by the name of Bertram Foxx, rushed to meet the Chancellor, accidentally tripping him and causing the knee injury. Neither the child nor his parents could be found to provide a statement. It is a mystery how the young man slipped past the Chancellor's body guards in order to cause such a grievous injury, or if the boy is alright himself.

Rumors began to fly shortly after the Chancellor was admitted, many of which tied to the Chancellor's assassination attempt several years ago. Orderlies that were interviewed claimed there was an abnormal amount of blood for a broken knee, but continued to assure our reporters that nothing "was amiss."

The Chancellor is expected to return to Thorndon very soon to recover. We wish him and young Bertram Foxx the best.
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