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Feb 11 2015, 05:32 AM
The medical procedure that Ailmsein was at the moment invested in was possibly the most dangerous, most frightening, and most taxing procedure that he'd ever been invested in. The pescid stood, hunched over a large tank of water, his hands stuck in up above his elbows as he handled a shrieking creature underwater. He wore a look of concentration, worry, and even sweated if it was possibly for a pescid. That or he'd just been splashed one too many times.

Naida, his tiniest daughter, had gotten soap in her eye during a bath and he was doing his absolute best to get rid of it.

"EEEEEEEEIIIIIIRRRR!!" the large-mawed creature raged and clawed, struggling against her father. Ailmsein was certain that if she was genuinely upset that her deadly stinger would've found its place on his throat instead of her tail being limply draped over his arm. She was blind, tantrummy, fuming, but she was incredibly weak out of her protective 'armor' that kept her jellied, translucent body safe from the intense pressure up on the island. It hurt, and Ailmsein murmured apologies to her as he continued to try to handle her underwater. She was the only child that he had out of his three that was 99% pescid... and it was a rough way to live in this human-world.

"Please calm down... tensing will get you sick," the pescid fretted to his baby, knowing that she likely couldn't hear him. Her irate growling only settles when he managed to get the soap rubbed out with feather-light dabs at her face. Naida's translucent body glowed an ethereal orange in her anger, but the demonic snarls and boiling water diminished in intensity. Ailmsein sighed with some relief and smiled down at her, reaching in to pull her out of her water-crib to set into a piece of soft cloth to hold her to his chest. The pressure made her growl in distress but the undersized baby dug her claws into his shoulder and buried her face into his shoulder, her anger muffled. "... There... there we are," the pescid sighed at this momentary calm. He glanced over his shoulder from the bathroom to look at his other two children.

A glowing golden-skinned sun of a child was bundled up in his favorite towel, obediently sitting still with a beaming baby's smile on his face. That was two... and... three?

"... Alexandria!?" Ailmsein didn't dare risk moving from where he held the partially-submerged tank baby in his arms to go look for the toddler. Ailmsein glowed a bright orange in distress-- there were stairs and politicians out there. If he couldn't see his most mobile child then surely she was in trouble!
Feb 4 2015, 08:23 PM
A rare event is occurring several leagues under the sea; fish from prehistoric times are coming up from the depths to find mates, and their etheral glow and frightening visage is attracting adventure-loving citizens by the thousands. Pescids seem to be drawn to the water as well, even jumping ship simply to witness this once-in-a-thousand-year phenomenon...

Man of wars long as an island, colecanths with bodies like battle armor, eels and sharks of long-forgotten times... this a proud moment for creatures of the sea as creatures worthy of the title of gods and demons have risen to fill the murky depths with the sound of their gentle swimming and enchanting wailing. It's also a moment of opportunity for game hunters and trappers looking to reel in a once-in-a-lifetime catch. These creatures are as beautiful as they are deadly, but the reward of getting to observe these creatures far outweighs the risk.

If you can afford the costly ticket, you could find yourself in one of the human-friendly underwater cities to take advantage of this event. Be careful-- these creatures are well-loved and revered by underwater citizens. Poaching may very well make you an outlaw... if you were able to survive the encounter.


So I was thinking about having an event that's the pescid version of a festival, where giant underwater beasts rise from the deep to find mates. We don't get many-- if at all ANY-- pescid or underwater events, so it might be fun? There could be above-water tours for tourists / dippers (that are cheap, not great for sight-seeing, but for the most part harmless), underwater ventures for pescids / hunters to find rare creatures (expensive, requires a permit for hunting, and dangerous), and places within one of the underwater cities that overlooks the deep pit where they're emerging from with a festival-like atmosphere (mid-price, secure, with the potential to explore pescid culture).

If the mods 'okay' it, I could make a NPC account for the underwater creatures that can be interacted with / observed / defended against / hunted. It'd be kind of fun-- Ailmsein certainly would appreciate getting to see some fish from his own 'neck of the woods', with him being a deep-sea pescid.

Acidine guards would be helpful to try and protect unlawful poaching of the creatures without a permit / protect tourists from any potential Jurrasic Park mishaps that could happen, and I've got a big game hunter who could lead a squad to try and take on the fish on their turf. I'd be willing to put in the extra effort to maintain NPC accounts to keep peeps entertained with supplimentary events within the city as well, including a sightseeing venture, cultural flea market, and dance.
May 8 2013, 04:01 PM
Ailms didn't have difficulty in opening the door as he had the last time. He'd been getting much better with those darn keys... well, maybe not. He was more than likely just eager to get out of their current conversation about the made up jumble of words he said.

"The swordfish simply needs to be cooked, it's all prepared unless you prefer to eat it raw?" He gave a little chuckle and reached out to hold Naida in his arms, taking her gently from Jules. "I suppose not. Cooked it is... I'll put Naida away and get started on it, then. If you'd like, the living room is available and... well... cleaner until I can find the time to clean out the dining room. I shouldn't be long."

And so the blue creature trudged upstairs with his darling (albeit aggressive) daughter growling at every other step, leaving the two men to their own devices.
May 1 2013, 05:00 PM
It was quite the uncomfortable walk back to Cambourne, especially with how Ailms refused to release Jules' hand despite him being bound by money and condemned for the entire night. The pescid himself seemed rather nervous, and seemed to lack the understanding that someone hired for sex probably didn't care.

"I ah. I paid you in advance because I did not want to forget," he admitted in a quiet tone, his eyes trained ahead as they walked past the rather expensive mansions headed towards his. His looked... very, very old on the outside. Abandoned, judging by how the lights seemed broken on the outside. Though judging by the fact that he was a living flashlight the strange creature probably didn't understand the importance of having lights on in the house.

And yet he kept on talking. "I do that, sometimes. Or it's refused. It's-- it's not enough, I can understand. I have heard that pescids are... are unpleasant company to most. But I'm... I'm trying," he managed out and finally approached the door. He sighed when he noticed the door was locked and finally released Jules' hand to fiddle in his hood pockets for the keys. In doing so, the cloth fell down to reveal the almost white glowing tendrils he had in place of hair. "... where are they...?" he spoke aloud to himself, getting apprehensive at the thought of him possibly losing them.
Apr 26 2013, 10:18 PM
Ailms was quite exhausted from that stress-filled night earlier. Only until he'd left that wonderful party-turned-sour had he realized that he'd most likely ruined the ability for any and all pescids to be allowed to participate in next term's elections.

And well, considering it was just him and his daughter... agh.

Luckily for him he'd received a letter from one of the few men alive who knew that Ailms was not only alive in the world but that he was to a degree functional-- even if that functionality is purely biological. The pescid couldn't help but smile a bit when he saw that his good friend had invited him for 'dinner' from sundown till sunup.

What a kind man, Horace Southgate. Why he and his family was 'infamous' was beyond him-- they seemed perfectly kind and concerned for his well-being.


He was dressed as 'comfortably' as the uptight pescid could be... well, he at least hadn't done up all of the buttons on his dress shirt? Meandering all the way to the graveyard was an easy enough task considering that the glowing man had become quite adept at taking less-travelled routes and being wide awake at times when most people would be comfortably in their beds.

When he approached the massive Southgate residence he looked around for a doorknocker-- something other than his fist so he didn't end up pulling a stupid move and hurt his hand in the first couple of seconds of his arrival. Sure enough, there it was!

Hm. Strange. It had a bird skull engraving? Well, to each their own... Ailmsein rapped it against the door which caused quite the foreboding knock that resounded within the entire mansion and yet nothing seemed disturbed. He uncomfortably fixed the brooch pinned to his tie before returning his shy attention back to the door, preparing to try and mimic the human custom of seeming happy with every little given thing.
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